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Ranging from ATM Surveillance to Branch Surveillance to Cash Van Surveillance to Central Control


With school and university managers becoming accountable for campus security, surveillance.


Surveillance stands as a critical need of the hospitality industry today. CP PLUS offers tailored

Law Enforcement

A vital tool for gathering evidence, surveillance forms an absolute need for the law enforcement

Real Estate

Solutions for under-construction sites to furnished structures and more, CP PLUS caters to a wide

Shopping & Retail

Shoplifting, theft and cashier fraud make up for a significant percentage of the losses incurred by retail

City Public Areas

Solutions dedicated to securing your city - Critical Infrastructure Protection, Transport & Road


With CP PLUS's advanced mobile surveillance solutions, vehicles can now be surveyed with ease.


Surveillance stands as a critical need of the hospitality industry today. CP PLUS offers tailored

About Samal Security Consultants

Samal Security Consultants was founded in 2013 and is a technology driven company with an extensive experience in configuration, designing, installation, commissioning and maintenance of comprehensive fire safety and security surveillance systems in the last few years we have met critical needs of several large, medium and small scale business organizations across a spectrum of industries.Our team of trained technicians is well equipped to quickly and efficiently install and maintain any required equipment or system at short notice.

Our association with multinationals and Original equipment Manufacturers (OEM) has helped us to provide the latest technologies and high quality products, much to the benefit of Indian Customer from Concept to Execution.

OUR Approach-'Safety Redefined', being our objective, looks into key concerns such as Manageability and Flexibility for the optimum utilization of the best available systems & solutions in the field of security, with productive manpower and effective utilization and implementation.

Our objective-Our objective is to bring new standards of reliability, flexibility, performance and value to products. This focus has allowed us to establish a good reputation for integrating innovative security products that are easy to install, service and use.

We are committed to provide Quality Services to all our customers through Innovative and Technological leadership. And ensure customer satisfaction through Quality Service and Good Customer Care.

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